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Oh. My. God. Oh wow, look at that - it's gorgeous! These are amazing!

Alegra Chetti on Glow Getter

That is so neat, how it changes the color like that!

Madison Miller on Alter Ego

The liner is nice and black, easy to draw my wing on with. I give it a 10 out of 10!

Danielle Elliott on Leading Liner

It blends super nicely - really full coverage!

Jocy Reyes on Coveted Concealer

You know a lipstick is THAT GOOD when you can wear it alone and make a statement!

@beautybymo_tutorials on Mattitude Lip

It's luxury quality at an affordable price. Bonus: it's vegan friendly & cruelty free!

@motley.maverick on Bad Betch

The AMP collection got me feeling flawless. My glow was straight up beaming to God.

@sunday_shay on AMP Collection

This highlighter palette is the BOMB!  Look how gorgeous these are!

Ileana Harvey on Glow Getter

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